Postcode Locator

Postcode Locator can be used to quickly locate Australian postcodes, and paste them into your document.It sits in the system tray when not in use.

It has 3 search modes.

  1. String - You do not need to enter a complete locality or postcode. The search will bring up all records starting with your search string
  2. Sub String - Will find all occurrences of the string within a locality or postcode. (eg. "river" will list "Abba River" and "Riverside")
  3. Exact Phrase - Will find only the exact string entered.

Search results can be saved in CSV format (comma separated values), which can be opened in most spreadsheet and database applications.

Another valuable feature of Postcode Locator is it easily incorporated into your MS Office applications.

The copy button will copy the postcode to the clipboard to paste into your document

The postcode data was updated on 4 March 2008

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